The ARGML proceeds to the halal certification of the whole agro-food chain. All processed products are subject to the ARGML Halal Hygiene and Quality Charter.
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How can we be sure that the processed products we find in the shops are indeed halal?

Canned goods, baby food

The processing of non-meat products requires special attention due to the complexity of the processes and ingredients.

Confectionery, pastries

Emulsifiers, animal gelatin (porcine, or bovine not halal),… so many ingredients used in the industry of confectionery (candies), and pastry. The ARGML halal certification guarantees the conformity of the products with its halal reference frame.

Bread making (bakery, pastry,...)

Manufacturing aids, coloring agents, alcohol (rum), complex ingredients… so many control points that the ARGML operates to check the conformity of the products to the halal production conditions.

Condiment sauces, oils, vinegars, ...

Absence of alcohol, or other non-halal compounds: ARGML ensures that all recipes comply with its specifications.

Desserts, syrups

Many products in the desserts section contain non-halal products (gelatins, emulsifiers, …). The ARGML accompanies companies that wish to provide a reliable halal guarantee to consumers.

Dairy products

The manufacture of dairy products is becoming more and more elaborate. Additional ingredients, or processing aids, add complexity to the product manufacturing process. The ARGML, through its expertise, delivers a reliable halal certification.

Ingredients, food additives, manufacturing aids...

The food industry relies heavily on the use of ingredients, premixes, etc… for the manufacture of processed products. The halal certification of these compounds guarantees recipes that comply with the halal ritual.


Spices, spice mixes, etc… the verification of the production process often makes it possible to guard against the risks of cross-contamination.

Halal news in France and in the World

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