The ARGML is an independent non-profit organization. Its vocation is to ensure the control and the halal certification of meats, food products, hygiene products and cosmetics, intended for the consumption of the Muslim community.
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Halal certification organization since 1995

Insofar as a simple computer traceability is not sufficient to attest the Halal character of the products, the ARGML makes it a point of honor to certify only products perfectly in conformity with its Charter of Hygiene and Halal Quality. This implies in particular, during the production of meat or meat products, the permanent presence of one or more ritual inspectors from the ritual sacrifice to the final packaging of the product. A team of nearly 80 ritual controllers works on a daily basis.

Mission and objectives

By creating the ARGML in 1995, the Great Mosque of Lyon has built its action around a single goal: “to obtain God’s approval and satisfaction by securing and facilitating, however modestly, access to products that conform to Islamic prescriptions.

In taking on this mission, the ARGML is becoming increasingly aware of the responsibilities of its role and is trying to meet its ambitious challenges as best it can:

1. Create a reliable halal certification

To create a reliable halal certification for consumers and a reference recognized for the quality of its work/inspection. Through proven work methods and professional rigor, the ARGML is constantly working to improve and perfect its procedures.

2. To be a trusted intermediary and a serious representative of the Muslim community

By respecting the strictest Islamic principles, the ARGML wants to be a trusted partner allowing to make the link between the expectations of the Muslim consumer, and the increasingly complex industrial context.

3. Protecting and enforcing the interests of the Muslim consumer

The Grand Mosque of Lyon regularly participates in all discussions concerning ritual slaughter at the national and international levels within the various official bodies (Ministry of Agriculture, AFNOR, CEN, European Parliament,…), in a constant concern to defend the interests of Muslim consumers.

4. To increase the availability of halal products to the consumer, and to help improve the perception of halal in general



Certified products

The commitments of the ARGML


ARGML controllers are required to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations in order to satisfy consumer expectations.

Permanent control

At all stages of production, ARGML controllers ensure that procedures are respected.

Respect for the strictest Islamic principles

To allow the Muslim community to have access to reliable foodstuffs, produced according to the rituals inscribed in the holy texts.

Professionalism, quality, rigor

Qualified professionals, capable of evolving in an increasingly complex food industry context.

Transparency, information

The ARGML acts on a daily basis to guide consumers and inform them about the regulated production processes of halal certification.

Under the moral responsibility of the Great Mosque of Lyon

The ARGML is an association created in 1995 by the Great Mosque of Lyon, in order to allow Muslim consumers to have access to products in accordance with their religious ethics. Its headquarters are based in Lyon, within the walls of the Great Mosque.

Our work team

Quality engineers, administrators, ritual controllers, ritual sacrificers… a whole competent team implemented to guarantee your halal products.

Ritual control: a common responsibility

The ARGML is composed of a team of nearly 80 ritual controllers employed by the association, spread throughout France and abroad.
The ARGML takes full responsibility for ritual control towards God and Muslim consumers and therefore cannot delegate this task to independent companies.
The association considers that the Halal certification is a permanent concern, which requires a continuous supervision of the slaughterhouses, the sites of cutting of meat or manufacture of processed products containing meat in which it intervenes. With this in mind, our ritual inspectors are permanently assigned to the various production sites during Halal production sessions.
For their mission, our ritual controllers are our employees and therefore exercise their responsibility independently from the controlled company (they are not judge and jury).
All of our ritual inspectors are practicing Muslims who are fully aware of their responsibility to God and to Muslim consumers. They carry out their daily work in the greatest respect of Islamic principles.

A competent team

In order to better manage the general activity of halal certification, our supervisory staff has the necessary skills to understand the requirements of the industrial environment, the specificity of production methods, the technical study of the ingredients that make up the products to be certified…
Real professionals to meet the needs of the service.
Seminar with the ARGML ritual controllers
ARGML employees / DEFI training


Because the job of ritual control is evolving and requires more and more skills, we train our ritual controllers throughout their career at the ARGML:

  • Practical training given directly in the field in real situations
  • Theoretical training covering several subjects: religious responsibilities induced by the job, control procedures, etc. These trainings are provided in particular within the framework of annual training seminars of the ARGML staff.
  • Specific training: “hygiene and food safety”, “animal welfare” provided by the training organization DEFI.

A team at your service

Kamel Kabtane

Kamel Kabtane

Président fondateur de l'ARGML, Recteur de la Grande Mosquée de Lyon

Azeddine Bahi

Azeddine Bahi

Directeur de l'ARGML

Organization chart of the association

Through this supervision and training, everything is done to guarantee the Muslim consumer the professionalism and rigor of the ARGML halal certification

A growing team

Discover our team

A growing team

Thanks to its partnerships, the ARGML is a structure that is constantly growing, both at the national and international levels. The ARGML works every day to offer a service and products with all the halal guarantees.
Constantly improving, all this would not be possible without the work of men and women who work every day to move the ARGML forward.
Therefore, we are constantly looking for new controllers to reinforce our team.

Ritual control is a Chahada*. Ready to take on the responsibility of Halal certification?

What are you waiting for to join us?

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