The ARGML brings its halal certification to cosmetics and personal care products. The complexity of production processes requires permanent rigor.
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In the cosmetics industry, the compositions very often contain products of animal origin, or alcohol derivatives. The greatest care is taken by the ARGML quality department to proceed to the halal certification of the products.

Body hygiene (gels, soaps, ...)

Soaps, body gel, washing oil, …. hrough its laboratory analysis, and the study of the compositions, the ARGML ensures that the products submitted for halal certification are in conformity.

Hair products

Hair care and beauty products, lotions, gels, creams, require a verification of their composition to ensure their compatibility with halal requirements.


Beauty products require special attention, given the regular use of compounds of animal origin. a rigorous halal certification makes the difference.

Halal news in France and in the World

What is “haram”?

Harām (حرام, harām) is an Arabic adjective that in Islam describes anything that is "forbidden, inviolable, sacred" according to sharia law. In its ambiguity, it corresponds most closely to the concept of taboo in German. The opposite of harām is halāl (حلال), which...


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