The ARGML accompanies the butchers with the halal certification of their establishment, in order to better reassure their customers.

In butchery, the ARGML ensures that all meat and meat products are certified halal according to its strict specifications. Thus, consumers who enter the butchery get the safest halal guarantee.

Halal butchery

Offer the best halal meats to your customers. Bring them the halal guarantee of the ARGML. We accompany you in the whole process of halal certification

The Butchers

Butchers approved by the ARGML

Do you want your butcher shop to meet the new demands of Muslim consumers?

Request your ARGML accreditation

Strict and rigorous traceability

Professionals can buy ARGML products and offer their customers products with a strict and rigorous traceability.

A solid halal guarantee for consumers

The ARGML applies the highest level of control on the whole production chain with a permanent control for meat products. The halal certification of all the products controlled by the ARGML is done imperatively by the affixing of darts, labels or packaging bearing the ARGML logo. Butchers benefit from the reputation of the ARGML certification.

An argument for differentiation

The new generation of Muslim consumers is looking for transparency and guarantee for the halal products they consume. Thanks to the ARGML approval, the butcheries are clearly identified by the consumers and we promote them through our communication supports.

Halal news in France and in the World

What is “haram”?

Harām (حرام, harām) is an Arabic adjective that in Islam describes anything that is "forbidden, inviolable, sacred" according to sharia law. In its ambiguity, it corresponds most closely to the concept of taboo in German. The opposite of harām is halāl (حلال), which...


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