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Animal Welfare (Certificate of Competence)

Taking into account the evolution of the regulation in terms of animal welfare, the ARGML, through its training organization DEFI, has set up a training course to obtain the “certificate of competence-protection of animals in the context of their killing”.

The objectives of this training are to :

  • know the regulations
  • know the procedures that demonstrate and enable good animal care
  • to characterize the good practices at the concerned station on the studied species
  • prepare for the certificate of competence

Training is offered for the following species category:

  • cattle/equine
  • sheep / goats

Food Hygiene and Safety

Working in an industrial context in the food industry requires compliance with the basic rules of hygiene and food safety. The ARGML, through its training organization DEFI, accompanies you to train your teams.

Training Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of hygiene rules
  • Know the regulatory context
  • Know how to detect and control the risks of contamination and microbial development
  • To be able to provide proof of compliance with hygiene rules

Halal news in France and in the World

What is “haram”?

Harām (حرام, harām) is an Arabic adjective that in Islam describes anything that is "forbidden, inviolable, sacred" according to sharia law. In its ambiguity, it corresponds most closely to the concept of taboo in German. The opposite of harām is halāl (حلال), which...


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