The ready-made meals composed of meats and different ingredients, requires an increased vigilance in terms of halal certification by the ARGML, in order to control the production process.
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The elaboration of halal ready-made meals requires a particular attention, as several steps are necessary. Our ritual controllers follow the whole process, for an optimal halal guarantee.


Stuffed pasta, ravioli with beef or poultry meat…the control and halal certification of the production process is complex and requires the presence of an ARGML ritual controller


Pizzas, quiches based on cold cuts… a rigorous control of the recipes and productions is operated by our halal quality team ARGML


Bolognese lasagna, fresh or frozen: a permanent control, with a traceability of the meat certified halal by the ARGML

Bolognese sauces

Several stages of production under ARGML control are necessary, on different production sites, in order to offer the consumer meat-based sauces (beef or poultry bolognese,…) benefiting from a strict halal certification.

Halal news in France and in the World

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