Exporting Halal products to Thailand

The ARGML is known not only nationally but also internationally: its certification is recognized by many countries and consumers around the world.
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ARGML certification allows you to export internationally

The Central Islamic Council of Thailand (CICOT) is the central body that regulates Islamic affairs in Thailand. Its chairman, "Sheikhul-Islam%, is officially appointed by the King of Thailand as the leader of the Islamic affair in Thailand.

Among its prerogatives, CICOT is the body that regulates the halal market in Thailand, defines the procedures and regulations, and proceeds to the halal certification of products. Since 2007, the CICOT has accredited the ARGML as the reference body for halal certification of products destined for Thailand. In this context, the ARGML can accompany you to meet the demand of consumers of halal products in Thailand.

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Organizations that recognize the ARGML internationally

United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore etc. are all territories that recognize the ARGML.

The ARGML benefits from official accreditations from foreign countries which allow it to be a reference organization for the control and the Halal certification of exported products. Through its various partnerships, ARGML opens the doors of the Muslim world to you.

The global Halal market

Muslim countries

Billions of Muslims in the world

Millions of Muslims in Europe

Billions of dollars worth of Halal certified food exported in 2018

Halal news in France and in the World

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