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Zakia is associated with the ARGML to bring you the assurance of an irreproachable quality of its Halal products. The ARGML, the Ritual Association of the Great Mosque of Lyon, has set up a very strict Halal control and certification system from the slaughter of animals to the processing of food products. In addition, independent laboratories carry out systematic analysis of samples to release the goods before marketing. This certification is a proof of the attention we pay to our manufacturing processes so that ZAKIA is always a reference and you can have full confidence in the halal quality of our products.

Les Produits de la marque Zakia Halal

Beef Bolognese

Poultry ravioli

Beef Ravioli



The Halal guarantee

How to consume Halal ?

To consume halal well is to be informed but also to know your rights and means of action as a consumer.

Vigilance and requirement are two essential principles for the halal guarantee of your food.


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