Royal Bernard

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Royal Bernard is above all, since 1967, a family history that has known how to cross the times while guaranteeing you the best products over the years.
Royal Bernard chickens and guinea fowl are raised in Auvergne Rhône Alpes within an integrated chain controlled by very strict specifications. All our breeders are committed to our side by adhering to this quality charter. A local short circuit that guarantees the traceability of each of its poultry.

A 100% vegetable, mineral and vitamin feed from the best Drôme cereals, optimal breeding conditions for poultry with a unique and tasty taste, to be eaten without moderation!

Les Produits de la marque Royal Bernard

Festive Halal Capon Maistre Bernard

Turkey FESTIV Halal Maistre Bernard

Halal yellow chicken

Whole Chicken x2 Halal S/AT

Slaughter 350g Halal

Yellow chicken thighs s/AT

Halal chicken drumsticks 2kg

Yellow chicken drumsticks 1.125kg S/AT

Chicken legs 3kg S/AT

Chicken wings x32 S/AT

Chicken Fillets x2 S/AT

Chicken Fillets x6 S/AT

Chicken wings x16 S/AT

Chicken Legs x4 S/AT

Chicken Legs x6 S/AT

Yellow Chicken Legs x4 S/AT

Chicken legs x2 S/AT

White Chicken Legs x6 S/AT


For more than 20 years, Bernard Royal Dauphiné has decided to offer Muslim consumers the best poultry from the Drôme region, by joining forces with the ARGML, the international reference in halal certification, in order to provide the best halal guarantee to the consumer.

Jean-Luc ALNET, Directeur Général


The Halal guarantee

How to consume Halal ?

To consume halal well is to be informed but also to know your rights and means of action as a consumer.

Vigilance and requirement are two essential principles for the halal guarantee of your food.


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