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Created in 1990, Isla Délice is the precursor brand of Halal in France and concentrates its activity on the production and exclusive marketing of Halal cold cuts, snacks and frozen foods. Isla Délice it is 3 key commitments: To innovate and to anticipate the expectations of the consumers, To guarantee and ensure a permanent quality, To control and guarantee an irreproachable Halal traceability.

Isla Délice made the choice of the Halal certification of the ARGML, which rests on the respect of a schedule of conditions of strict and rigorous procedures which guarantee a control and an irreproachable Halal traceability.
More than 30 ritual controllers of the ARGML are at work every day for the control of all ISLA DELICE halal productions.


Guarantee a flawless traceability for all its products


Isla Delice has its own Research & Development department


Controlling health risks

Les Produits de la marque Isla Delice

Free choice charcuterie








Délice de dinde fumé x4 160G

Délice de dinde x4 160G

Frozen beef

Minced meat, butcher's style

Onion Burgers x10

Beef meatballs 800g

Spicy Burgers x10

The 100% beef ground steak x10

Original Burger 800gr

Tex Mex Burger 800gr

Extra tender ground steak 800gr

Beef meatballs 810g

The softness to grill 250gr

Frozen poultry

Special Kebabs marinated and braised strips 400g

Escalopine of turkey 500g

Roast Chicken Burgers x8

Special Breaded Tender & Crispy Burgers x8

Turkey Blue Cord x4

Turkey Blue Cord x8

Turkey Blue Cord x20

Crunchy Fingers x22

Original Nuggets x12

Original Nuggets x40

BBQ Nuggets x20

Original Nuggets x100

Special burger's 560gr

Squeegee blue cords 420gr

Tenders 2kg

Pellets 400gr

Wings BBQ 400gr

Wings Spicy 460gr

Samurai Burger 640gr

Kebab 900gr

Kebab 2kg

Tikka's Special

Asian Frozen Foods

Delicious steamed bites 200gr

Turkey Samoussas x4

Turkey Nems x8

Frozen food

Shepherd's pie pure beef 1KG

Lasagna bolognese 1kg

Cooked caterer

Parmentier minced meat 1KG

Lasagna bolognese 1KG

Moussaka 1KG

Gourmet Terrine with olives and peppers

Shepherd's pie pure beef 350G

Lasagna bolognese pure beef 300G

Beef and rice balls 300G

Chicken, rice and mushrooms 300G

Parmentier minced meat 800G

Paella Royale 800G

Lasagna bolognese 800G

Fusilli Turkey & Emmental 300G

Spicy chicken rillettes in casserole 220G

Rillettes of chicken roasted in casserole 220G

Freshly prepared and breaded dishes

Box fusilli bolognese pure beef 300g

Box penne carbonara smoked turkey and cream 300g

Turkey Blue Cords 800g

Turkey Nuggets 800g

Gourmet Deli

Gourmet Turkey Leg Roast

Gourmet Herb Roll-Up

Gourmet Cooked Chicken Roast

Gourmet Herb Baked Chicken Tenderloin Roast

Gourmet Pepper Turkey Sausage

Charcuterie blocks

Turkey Bacon Block 1,8KG

Turkey Delight 2,5KG


“ARGML has been a partner of the Isla Délice brand since 2013 and certifies 100% of the brand’s products. As a brand that has been specializing in halal in France for 30 years, we attach great importance to the requirements of our halal certification. The permanent presence of ARGML’s salaried inspectors at the different stages of the product’s life are for us the best possible guarantee. The ARGML also validates all the ingredients in our recipes.
Isla Délice made the choice of the Halal certification of the Ritual Association of the Great Mosque of Lyon (ARGML) because this certification rests on the respect of a schedule of conditions of strict and rigorous procedures which guarantee an irreproachable control and a traceability Halal”.

Eric Fauchon, Directeur Général


The Halal guarantee

How to consume Halal ?

To consume halal well is to be informed but also to know your rights and means of action as a consumer.

Vigilance and requirement are two essential principles for the halal guarantee of your food.


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