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Saveur Chic chooses the best ducks of the South-West to prepare for you, in the greatest respect of the tradition, a premium quality Whole Duck Foie Gras.

Halal foie gras for those who love excellence.

Les Produits de la marque Chic Flavor


Saveur Chic Whole Duck Foies Gras are made from ducks born and raised in the South West of France.
Premium Quality foie gras is cooked at high temperature with Guérande salt and peppered with Madagascar pepper.
Prepared in a traditional way, it offers a melting texture with an authentic and refined taste.
Weight: 70 g



The Halal guarantee

How to consume Halal ?

To consume halal well is to be informed but also to know your rights and means of action as a consumer.

Vigilance and requirement are two essential principles for the halal guarantee of your food.


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